We named our company, Vaucanson as an homage to Jacques de Vaucanson the French inventor and artist who created innovative automata.

Our concept is simple; to create new timepieces that stand for authenticity, originality, and fun. As time passes it becomes self-evident that fun comes in limited doses and we serve ours four seconds at a time. With the press of a button, colors will fluoresce, phosphors will illuminate and time will never look the same.

Vaucanson will fill a void in the market by designing value wristwatches that blend emotion with technology. Vaucanson will incorporate contemporary watchcase designs with patented UV-LED technology allowing creative new images with an unlimited color palette.

The designs on our watch dials are created using fluorescents and phosphors that absorb the UV emissions and release the stored energy as visible illumination. As a result, Vaucanson wristwatches have three distinctly different appearances: one in daylight, another under UV-LED illumination, and a third in the afterglow once the UV-LED deactivates.

We never forget you have a choice and we thank you for choosing Vaucanson.