Big Time Latin Watch by Vaucanson

Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat, Latin for, Fortune Favors the Bold.

The dial is matte white, large phosphor Arabic numerals outlined with gold metal accents. The words,

FORTIS FORTUNA ADIUVAT, are printed with white phosphor that glows blue.

Big Time Latin Watch by Vaucanson

The designs on our watch dials are created using fluorescents and phosphors that absorb the UV emissions and release the stored energy as visible illumination.

Big Time Latin Watch by Vaucanson

Big Time Latin Watch by Vaucanson

As a result, Vaucanson wristwatches have three distinctly different appearances: one in daylight, another under UV-LED illumination, and a third in the afterglow once the UV-LED deactivates.

Big Time Latin Watch by Vaucanson Afterglow

Big Time Latin Watch by Vaucanson

The Vaucanson collection strikes the perfect balance between efficiency and the elegant proportions working
in unison to sculpt its surfaces so that they seamlessly incorporate the timepiece with many innovative high-tech solutions. Each timepiece comes with a customized silicone strap that has quick-release pins and a beautiful tang buckle.

Big Time Latin Watch Strap by Vaucanson

The undersurface of the hardened mineral crystal is coated with eighteen (18) layers of proprietary aerospace technology containing ultraviolet (UV) blocking materials that prevent up to 96% of the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays from penetrating the watch crystal therefore reducing heat and degradation to the fluorescent inks and phosphorescence on the watch dial.

I am a Red DragonThe result of this collaboration is an innovative and patented illumination system which makes this timepiece a true fusion of technology and aesthetics. A perfect balance has been struck between advanced technologies and sophisticated, beautifully executed timepiece dials. With the push of a button it becomes clear that this is no ordinary timepiece, as the UV-LED’s activate, exciting the colorful fluorescents and phosphors that absorb the energy and release it as visible illumination creating a truly soulful experience.

Big Time Latin watch case back

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