We received a call from a customer that was clearly upset.

Detailing a few of the complications with his well-used timepiece he stated that it needed a new battery, the hour hand was not working properly and the leather strap was worn out, but he was vehement that we get the timepiece working.

Noting all of the complications we suggested replacing his timepiece with a newer model since the movement and hands were still under warranty.

He quickly said, no, that he must have this exact timepiece repaired, intensely stating, “We must fix-it”. The phone was silent for a few seconds then a voice with a slight quiver said, “My Dad recently passed away and this was his watch, the one he used to wear, all the time, you must fix it”.

Needless to say, he mailed us the timepiece, we restored it and sent it back to him in a good working order with a note that read, from our family to yours.

We believe our timepieces are more than metal and materials but can create memories and therefore in the most visceral way create something real and alive.

We never forget you have a choice and we thank you for choosing Vaucanson®